Max Hochstenbach




University of Applied Sciences, Amsterdam





June, 2019


Scott van Kampen Wieling

Ward Koomen

Patrick Ravoo

Stories #018

A combination of street furniture

Silver Thread

'During my period at school I struggled finding my creativity. It wasn't always easy to stand for your opinion, since you always needed to convince your teachers. 

While graduating I finally came to the conclusion that it's always just YOU who is responsible for the result in the end. So I designed with my strengths and choose direction wherever I wanted to go. This helped and still helps me a lot becoming a better designer every day.

Eindpresentatie Afstuderen..001.jpeg

I'm Max Hochstenbach (23), Co-Founder of StudentDesign, and I want to tell you a little bit about my process. I got the task to come up with a new piece of furniture for in the public space. 

In Holland, which is my reference, the public space is a mess. There is different use of materials, shapes and even in objects itselves the aesthetics differ. During my investigation I explored the relationship between human and nature. We like to go to parks as we experience it as refined and it makes us feel at 'home'. Street furniture lacks, at least to me, an overall experience and it definitely doesn't feel like a 'home' to us.

I wondered why we don't experience public space as joyful and how to evolve this place. So I came up with the idea to integrate street furniture with nature, as it helps us a lot finding inspiration, health and calmness. 

My project combines multiple functions of street furniture with nature: a waste container, seats and storing of bikes. Therefore it’s a meeting place for all kind of necessities in public space. I got in contact with the municipality of Amsterdam and my project stands in Amsterdam, about 100 meters away of my former University. It's really great to go on my bicycle and go and see my design change by the seasons and time. I feel proud as a designer that I actually created something real.


During 20 weeks of graduation, I always wanted to make my product visual, to experience what it means. In the end I wanted to make a prototype, so I made it happen. I think that's my 'strength' and I want you to always fight for yours! That's the most important thing you can add to this world: YOU.'