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March, 2019

Designers on picture

Jonas Carlsen

Michelle van Ool

Jordan Morineau

Leon Brown

Ferdinand Aichriedler

Carla Joachim

Gard Hagen

Stories #008

A video is worth a thousand pictures

StudentDesign x Youtube

As a designer you always design for someone - wether it's a chair, fridge or paper clip. And so it's important to tell your story to that someones. In our current society we receive thousands of impulses every day and it is hard to stay focused. Therefore it is also difficult to communicate your project the best way you can. People are easily distracted, so it rises the question: how can I tell my story the best way as possible?

Lots of designers decide to make a video or their project. This helps them to tell their story in a visual way. It might indeed be the best way to communicate your idea and project, as you can show process and difficult perspectives.

With StudentDesign we like to share our favorite videos to help encourage others to also share their ideas. Besides it can help the designer reach more people as it's shared via multiple social media channels. Watch some of the videos and subscribe to stay tuned!