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Submit your design?

Do you want us to publish your project? So exciting! Please read the notes below to ensure you send us what we need, and how we need it.


1. Send us approximately 5-6 project pictures in high quality.

2. Send us 4-5 process pictures, like: prototyping, sketches, material exploration.

3. Send us a profile/portrait picture of you preferably on a white/grey background. We'll use it if we share your work via this website too.

4. A/several video(s), if available.

NOTE: We prefer 'light' visuals - they generally engage better than visuals shot on a 'dark' background.


1. Send us WHAT: Explain what your project is about (max. 20 words).

2. Send us HOW: How did you make your project (max. 30 words).

3. Send us WHY:  Tell about your inspiration/goal to achieve (max. 30 words).

4. Send us your details (name, age, your Instagram name, website, (former) University)

5. If you got any help, don't forget to credit the makers. You MUST ensure you have the permission of the copyright holder for all material you submit, always.

6. Please send us a more in-depth story of the project (at least 200 words), so we can include your project on our website, blog and for partnerships.

7. Please provide us with 2-3 Instagram names/websites of your designer-friends, so we can maybe share their project(s) as well (and help them too!)

Please use WeTransfer to send us all content. This is the most convenient way for us to review your project for a post and to receive the content in the highest quality. 

You can send us everything as mentioned above via: content@studentdesign.net 

We will always try to respond within 48 hours if we decide to share your project(s). Once we've accepted your work, we'll notify you when we'll share it via our social media channels and you can select one of our promotions: Free (0€), Standard (29€) or Boosted (45€) - you can select the one of your preference once we accepted and scheduled your project.


If you have any questions in the meantime don't hesitate to reach out to us.

All materials published on STUDENTDESIGN are protected by copyright, and owned or controlled by the editor or the part credited as the provider of the content.

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