Ilseop Yoon


Écal, Switzerland


South Korean



October, 2019

Stories #023

A lightweight pressed aluminium chair

Pleats please!

The Pleats Chair is an aluminium chair that is lightweight and strong with a pleated structure. The corrugated structure is widely used in architecture and fashion thanks to its strong structure and beautiful aesthetics.The Pleats Chair highlights those aspects with a carefully designed pleats pattern.

My first approach to this project was to develop a strong yet lightweight chair. Aluminium is not only a good material for its rigidity and lightness but it's also a great material to recycle. The energy to recycle aluminum only requires 5% energy of producing new aluminum. The recycled aluminium can generally save a significant amount of costs over the production of new aluminium, even after the costs for collecting, separating and recycling the aluminium have been taken into account.

In order to achieve an elegant aesthetic, a custom-made two-part mold was designed with a pattern of the pleats. These pleats are pressed on to the aluminum sheets with a strong pressure to make the body of the Pleats Chair. The profile of the cross section continues from the backrest to the seat smoothly with the legs sharing the same radii. As a result, the thin shell of the body makes the seat rigid and strong, while maintaining a delicate aesthetic.

pleats chair3.jpg