Julia Groth




Academy of Design and Crafts, Göthenburg





September, 2019

Stories #022

Embrace the white wall as a creative sanctuary

Walls are to play!

You surroundings shape you, therefore you should shape your surroundings. The Pattern Printer Project looks at wallpaper as ultimate ‘space shaper’ with the capacity of turning white walls into creative playgrounds. Paper is cheap and readily available and by breaking the roll into A4 sized repeats wallpaper can be printed out on demand directly using only a normal home printer. This allows the pattern to be shared and duplicated over internet. Removing the space between idea and action. 

The project consists of three patterns systems and a website. Each pattern, Jungle, Rotation and Flow, uses different methods for allowing user interaction. The brings them to users. The Jungle pattern is a classic foliage pattern accompanied by a set of repeats inhabited by animals. Adding them to the greenery breaks up the monotony and gives you the choice between tiger and bird, 10 or 0, all or none. Rotation pattern lets the user manipulate the pattern by adjusting, shifting and rotating the point where the papers meet, forming and shaping the pattern by adjusting, shifting and rotating the point where the papers meet. Flow, uses repeats with flowers and leaves to create flowing gradients, creating focal points on the wall.

With small repeats new possibilities appear that invite the user to interact with the pattern directly on the wall. The static and predetermined become flexible and playful when parts can be interchanged, rotated or shifted around. The process invites the user as a collaborator in the process. The Pattern Printer Project provide the repeat, but you make the pattern. Plug in the printer and start papering!