Designfair & Festival

8 - 10 November, 2019

13 - 15 November, 2020


Feldkirch, Austria



November, 2019


Patricia Keckeis

Angela Lamprecht

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After talk & looking forward to the next


It's been a blast! Yet another year of great exhibitions at the POTENTIALe Design Fair & Festival. The exhibitors of this year showed their newest projects with a focus on a close relationship between product and designer - with comprehensible production chains, consciously chosen materials and goods created in a fair process. Recap: about 10,000 visitors, more than 100 exhibitions and an interdisciplinary orientation and expansion of the program with lectures, workshops, discussions and films. 

This edition we partnered up with POTENTIALe to scout some projects and to tell you via our social channels about the great event as a media partner. In the end it resulted in a fruitful and engaging event with a lot of StudentDesigners attending the Fair & Festival to present their work as well!

What's in it for you?

We think you can all relate to the following situation. You've been working the hours on a project and finally - after a lot of ups and downs - you came up with a great design. You're proud, and a lot of people around you are too. It's in this very moment you ask yourself: what now? The project is finished, you did well, but what do I do next?

The answer is simple, your great design needs to get out there and not just to your inner circle, but to the whole world. Because if you find that one person, you can make it anywhere. Exhibiting is one of the ways to go - hence is why we've partnered up with the POTENTIALe Design Fair & Festival. This is a yearly event in Feldkirch, Austria that's visited by a great community of design interested people from  the region and surrounding countries - Germany, Switzerland, Italy and France among others.

In many ways POTENTIALe is a great way of sharing your work with a great

design-orientated audience. For example, you've developed a prototype that is not for sale yet and you're looking for a production partner, or a company to collaborate with? Or you want to present your ideas and collect feedback? Get yourself some experience? These are just a few reasons why it might be the opportunity you - and your project - have been waiting for!

Next year, from 13-15 November, you have the opportunity to exhibit your work at the Fair & Festival as well... Let's spoil the good news already: the exhibiting space is free for students in the Design Lab! You can read more info about the fair/festival here and if you'd like to attend you can fill in the form to stay updated about how to apply. If you have any questions or whatsoever, don't hesitate to contact us or Lena, the project manager of POTENTIALe. Hope to see you next year!