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We believe everyone should have the chance of having their project featured on our platform. So that’s what we offer: a free spot on our social channels, sharing your project with over 300,000 design lovers and receiving feedback in the comments! 


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As you probably can imagine, running a platform like ours takes time (and lots of love and effort). We like to share the most inspiring projects in the highest quality possibly, and we're working hard to achieving that; but we simply cannot make an omelette without braking any eggs :)

This option helps both you and us. You'll receive a few stories to get more attention for you and your project while at the same time you support us, StudentDesign, in running this platform.

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Would you like to boost your design even more? Your email is included directly in the description of the post, so you attract interested companies with more convenience. In the past this resulted in projects shared via StudentDesign that are now in production (e.g. Ikea / Hay). Besides lots of designers were approached for internships / jobs as well. Next, we also include an extra story and add a swipe Up link to your website. This way our audience can follow up with your other work in your portfolio! 


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