StudentDesign   17 April, 2019


StudentDesign exhibitions

MilanDesignWeek 2019

The past few months have been dominated by preparations for the Milan Design Week. This world's largest DesignWeek is dominated by the latest design from major brands, but starting design studios also present their work there. The week is visited by over 1 million visitors, so it's one of the biggest events of the year!

With StudentDesign we wanted to focus this year on representing student work that we are trying to link to producers to realize these ideas. In addition, we presented two projects: the potato peel packaging Peel Saver & the rocking bed made of jute, Stauper Daybed.


Ventura Future offered us the opportunity to exhibit at BASE in Tortona. This district houses traditionally many big names and this year was no different (Ikea, Samsung, Tadao Ando). During the week in the multidisciplinary building BASE there was room for a lot of up-and-coming talent. StudentDesign was there with the Peel Saver project. This project is made entirely out of potato peels and therefore fully biodegradable. A good alternative for the enormous quantities of plastic and paper packaging in which we now eat our fries. This design was made by Italian designers Paolo Stefano Gentile, Simone Caronni and Pietro Gaeli and is a simple solution for us, but one that inspires enormously and makes the entire (potato) industry think better about raw materials.


The other exhibition took place at Stecca 3.0 in Isola. Thanks to the organization of IsolaDesignDistrict we were given the opportunity to also present a StudentDesign exhibition there. Stauper Daybed is made out of flax, which requires a minimum growth and is farmed all across the world which makes it an excellent substitute for less sustainable materials such as plastics and other synthetics. This agile day bed functions as an introduction into the world and versatility of flax and inspire the public to be part of a C02 positive proces. The project is made by the Norwegian designers Jonas Carlsen & Gard Hagen, who study together at AHO University. 


The biggest challenge was to connect both exhibitions visually, so that a uniform character was communicated. This was done by leaving a lot of room in the exhibitions for experimentation and showing the material, as well as emphasizing aesthetic similarities in the decoration of the exhibitions. Furthermore, it was the first time for us to split up and host the exhibition on our own, because we are just with the two of us. That gave new insights and made the commentary after every exhibiting day a real joy, where we talked about all the nice conversations we had. During the week we met many new people and this gives a lot of prospects for growing more and more.

Finally we want to thank our partners, they are also responsible for the great results. Aviko gave us a lot of potatoes and supported the PeelSaver project. We are also grateful to Baars & Bloemhoff who helped us with providing all the ColorMDF material for the exhibition. StickerCompany helped bring the visuals on the stand to life for us and thanks to MacRent we were able to show videos and our Instagram in both stands.

It was a great week in which we met with lots of new contacts and we'll continue to work on StudentDesign and the future with fresh energy. In that future we will work on the realization of projects to actually put them into production. We are therefore looking for partners, companies and investors. If you want to help or collaborate, we are very open to partner. Please leave us a message.


Max Hochstenbach & Guido Lok


Designers Jonas Carlsen & Gard Hagen