StudentDesign   5 April, 2019


MilanDesignWeek 2019


During their studies Max Hochstenbach (23) and Guido Lok (22) discovered that many of their former projects had been covered with a layer of dust. They decided to bring those old ideas back to life through their platform ‘StudentDesign’. What started as simply sharing projects from classmates has grown out into a large international platform with over 100,000 creative followers that shares the most inspiring ideas with the entire world.

As a design student there is one ultimate goal: to get your own project into actual production. StudentDesign works to help those students achieve exactly that! During the MilanDesignWeek StudentDesign will present two of those projects in two different exhibitions


Peel Saver is a project created by the Italian designers Pietro, Paolo and Simone from NABA University. Peel Saver uses potato peels and recycles them into packaging for french fries. This is much more sustainable than the plastic and paper packaging we usually get with our fries. StudentDesign is looking for the right partner for the further development of PeelSaver.


BASE, Tortona

via Bergognone 34

10:00 - 20:00

9-14 April

Stauper Daybed is created by the Norwegian designers Jonas & Gard from AHO University. Flax requires a minimum growth and is farmed all across the world which makes it an excellent substitute for less sustainable materials such as plastics and other synthetics. We hope that this agile day bed will functions as an introduction into the world and versatility of flax and inspire the public to be part of a C02 positive proces.


STECCA 3.0, Isola

via Gaetano di Castillia 26

10:00 - 22:00

9-14 April