StudentDesign, video by Sido Vrieswijk   1 Mei, 2019

MilanDesignWeek movie by


'During their studies Max Hochstenbach (23) and Guido Lok (22) discovered that many of their former projects had been covered with a layer of dust. They decided to bring those old ideas back to life through their platform ‘StudentDesign’. What started as simply sharing projects from classmates has grown out into a large international platform with about 150,000 creative followers that shares the most inspiring ideas with the entire world.

As a design student there is one ultimate goal: to get your own project into actual production. StudentDesign works to help those students achieve exactly that! During the MilanDesignWeek StudentDesign presented two of those projects in two different exhibitions. In this movie you see a representation of our platform, style and vision. 

In the future we'll be working on the production of design projects. If you want to partner up, collaborate with your company, or want to invest we'd be thrilled to get in touch with you. Please leave us a message.


Video Sido Vrieswijk