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May, 2017



March, 2019


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Stories #002


Don't sleep on your creations

Make everyone impressed by your work

The design world is a tough place to represent your work, especially when you're just an individual. That’s why two students, Max Hochstenbach & Guido Lok, started their platform on Instagram : StudentDesign.

‘Your creations are suffering in storage!’

We as founders of StudentDesign are currently studying in our third year of Product Design in Amsterdam. We found out during our study that many projects you make as a student will be forgotten. Every semester you’ve to come up with a project and your teachers will reward you with a note and some feedback. Hereafter you immediately start with a new project, because you always have a new deadline.

So your project fades away, it will be sort of forgotten… We think that is a pity, because some of these projects are amazing. StudentDesign exists by the urgency to share these projects from students from all around the world.


Let’s give your work purpose, again. Please take note that the following 

10-points guide is not only for students, you can use this on every occasion.

1. You finished your (school)project after a period of hard work and dedication to create the best you can. This could be anything: concept, prototypes, experimentation, etc. Wouldn’t it be sad if these pieces of creative creations will end up doing nothing? We think you and your projects deserve better; keep them alive!

2. Ask yourself: How do you want to represent yourself? There are a several mediums to make this happen: Behance, Facebook, Blogs your own page, or pages like StudentDesign. Don’t be shy, use them all to share your work.

3. Make your presentation as good as the quality of your work. Or better: make your presentation even better than your work. It’s important to come up with a great story.

Try to pitch it within half a minute, to find the essence of your project.

4. Create the best visualization of your project. Think of high resolution pictures, background, composition, videos, context and a relatable story.

5. Share it when it’s good, even when it isn’t good enough!

6. Have you shared your work? You’re doing an awesome job. Many creators are too scared or strict to share it and you (just) did!

7. Make your publication trending. Tell friends, relatives and schoolmates about it. Tag your (designer) friends on social media and repost the publication.

8. Contact the people who liked, commented or showed interested. Don’t be shy otherwise you will lose opportunities! Anyone is a possible follower, buyer or


9. Reflect and learnWhat could you do better next time? Why were people interested? What did you or they like?

10. Do this again and again. It’s a process of trial and error.


If you think you’re too inexperienced or your work isn’t ready… It isn’t. We started StudentDesign a year ago and started with nothing but Instagram.

We are just two students and we were 19 and 20 years old when we founded it.

We were hell inexperiencedYet we worked everyday to post a project. Everyday.

Currently, we support around 9000 (May, 2017) followers and we hope we can help more people!

A few months ago we came up with the idea to exhibit at the biggest design week of the world in Milan with over a million visitors. You probably think two inexperienced students wouldn’t get a spot, would you? But we did.

We wanted it so we we made it work. We even got if for freeSo always stand up for your ideas. If you can convince yourself, you will convince others. So make it happen.

The projects we exhibited in our white student room were once shared on our page.

The designers improved their work enormously after we’ve giving them the opportunity to expose their work in Milan. They got in contact with multiple partners outside school. In the future, this might even result in having their project produced by companies. Start now!