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April, 2017


Lambrate, MilanDesignWeek



April, 2017


Timo van der Woud

Silver de Kwaasteniet

Silvan Glorie

Timian Cecilie Westerberg

Sahrul Hidayat

Dan Gioia

Courtney Skabelsund

Pete Barr

Ekaterina Morozova

Marcel Bauerfeind

José Bermúdez

Olivier Brückner

Thomas Müller

Stories #003

A white student room at MilanDesignWeek


'We, Max & Guido, went to the Design Week after months of preparation Friday in the morning March 31 2017. We’ve packed the van and went on a trip to Italy. We left early in the morning from Amsterdam and slept halfway in Bad Bellingen and arrived the day after around 3 o’clock in Milan. It felt so strange to see the place in real life after we've only seen it on pictures.

The days after we built our stand. Therefore, it was important to start with the skeleton, the walls. Hereafter we could review the formation of the stand. First we attached the Student Design logo on the wall, followed by closet, desk, bed and bikes. In the end everything got a place and it was finished.

The Design Week started on Tuesday, the 4th of April. Two girls from China were our first visitors. We told them our story, hereafter they took some pictures with themselves in the white student room. We changed our story by day, we had to grow in talking to people, and the last couple of days we told a more focussed and clear story. We would like to share our story with you:


'Hi, we are Max & Guido and we’re currently in our third year of Product Design in Amsterdam. We found out during our study that many projects you make as a student will be forgotten. Every semester you’ve to come up with a project and your teachers will reward you with a note and some feedback. Hereafter you immediately start with a new project, because you always have a new deadline. So your project fades away, it will be sort of forgotten… We think that is a pity, because some of these projects are amazing. That’s why we started our platform StudentDesign about half a year ago.


On Instagram we share projects from students from all around the world. That’s why we present you a white student room. Most of the time a student room is usually a complete mess, while painting everything white will result in unity in variety. The school projects of students will pop out due to the contrast because they are colored. In this stand you see an impression of work we share on our Instagram page daily. We exhibit a recycled paper chair from Denmark, a ceramic set from Mexico and a rotan stool from Indonesia for example.


On the Design Week you’ll find lots of academies and big companies, but if you’re just on your own, an individual to call so, it's really hard to get a spot. But we believe talent is everywhere and everyone should have equal chances in exhibiting their work. For someone like Sahrul, the designer of the stool from Indonesia, it’s very hard to show his work to the professional market and that’s why we want to exhibit everyone who deserves a spot. Student Design want students to improve outside school, let them learn from each other and our platform provides them with another round of feedback. We share the whole process; sketches, prototypes and concepts. Student Design is a platform from, by and for students: we create, share and inspire. Follow us on Instagram for more!’


Our story changed continuously; the visitor is different every time. Sometimes you focus on details while the other time you’ll tell a less detailed story. We worked from ten in the morning till eight in the evening which made us exhausted, but we got energy from talking to people, because we really feel it’s a story to be heard


We talked to visitors, got great feedback and they took pictures in our student room, while playing the guitar or sleep on bed. So our story got received unanimously positive. Students, press and other interested people recognized the story and it was really fun everyone was excited about our Student Design exhibition. 

On Wednesday we gave a party in our student room with a lot of people (this could have been because of the limoncello though). The week officially ended after a week of exhibiting, meeting a lot of people and having fun. At the moment we are driving through the German highways, back to the o-so-cold Dutch weather. We’re very grateful for the opportunities we got and we are proud how it all turned out. We recognized our hard work paid off and everyone was willing to help. We hope the future will bring us more adventures like these.'

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