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Ashley Willard




Northumbria University,

Great Britain



June, 2019

Stories #019

An exploration in the changing hues of daylight

Day & Dusk

The Day + Dusk project is an exploration into our relationship with natural light and how it has such unique, profound qualities that can have such a large effect on our mental state. It also challenges our current overuse of artificial light in our home and work environments and lack of appreciation to the correct type of lighting.


The final designed concept is a pair of lamps that employ the changing hues of daylight; a cool white 'day lamp' for productive tasks and a warmer, more sedative 'dusk lamp' to help instill tranquillity.


The total 'quantity' of light is limited and so must be consciously shared between the two sources to suit the users state of being or the task at hand. This is done via a dial on each piece that brightens or dims that respective lamp but wirelessly has the opposing effect on the other (brightening one will simultaneously dim the other). This playful interaction quickly prompts the user to be more considerate to the light level and hue; to find a balance between the two and a fresh way to interact with light.

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Each lamp has been fabricated from solid aluminium components and finished in a very dark shade to best compliment and reveal the delicate light hues.


The light itself is emitted via a strip of high power LED’s housed within the hoops, programmed to the specific light temperatures that we see in the sky throughout the day (6000K for the day lamp and 2000k for the dusk lamp). This is then diffused first through a layer of acrylic film and then by a sheet of hand made Japanese Kozuke paper, referencing shoji screen doors in oriental architecture and resulting in a much softer, ambient glow.