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Max Hochstenbach & Guido Lok


Amsterdam, The Netherlands


March, 2018



March, 2019


Marvin Duiker

Stories #005

How to boost your social media?

A workshop to engage

Our partner MADE.COM asked if we could share our experience with Social Media. We gave a clinic about this subject at the MADE office in Amsterdam on March 20, 2018. We would like to share our insights with you too:

'About twenty years ago we would never have thought that we would let our lives be led by mobile phones. Values ​​such as self-expression and passion are the magic words of the Social Media that emerged. Whereas twenty years ago our culture was mainly formed by television and newspapers, the power of Social Media can hardly be ignored in current times and the future. In short, Social Media is the new source of opinions; maybe also because you and I can express our opinions and sometimes see them go viral. We, also individuals, have the idea that we are being heard more and can shape our own world.


This clinic focuses on the influence of Social Media; whereby the Instagram platform is examined. At the beginning of the workshop a lot of questions are addressed, questions that you might also have. Why should you use Instagram? And isn't that pretty hard? Do I have enough work to share? What are the benefits, does it make sense?


Once you know what you stand for, that is when you can determine what you want to achieve. Do you want to establish your company name, express yourself (creatively) or do you like to sell a design? Once you know this, you can focus it on who you want to reach: your target audience. The main question is: with whom do I share my work and how do I do it so that I achieve my goals?


One of the most amazing tips we can share has to do about concentration. Just think about a newspaper: you first scan the pictures and headlines of an article. Hereafter you decide whether or not it caught your attention and if you'll read it. Project this now on Social Media: you see the first image of a post and (maybe) read the first sentence. This is the same moment you experience when reading the newspaper. So work on your first visual/image, this is the most important one. And try to think about the best opening sentence to attract people to read further. Work on the first impression!

Now we would like to share a guide with some tips for you to use, adjust these and your posts will engage better and better with your audience.

​1. By creating a business page, you obtain information and statistics about your followers; origin, age, commitment, etcetera. A business page is free and highly recommended to get more insights about your numbers.


2. Your feed is the first introduction for new people to engage with your page. Therefore, add a website, profile photo and a powerful / clear bio description! 

3. The photo / video is the first thing your followers see, so ensure the best possible image. This can already be shot with a cell phone, after which you can make a number of adjustments in Instagram yourself such as Brightness, Contrast, Warmth and Shadow. Always edit the first picture, a bit more contrast can boost your post enormously.


4. When creating the content, it is important to consider how you want to share the work: in a slideshow (multiple photos) or for example with video(s). Photos engage 36% better than videos. Facial photos ensure a 38% higher engagement (engagement = likes, comments, shares)

5. The first rule immediately determines whether attention is drawn; so make sure you have a good opening sentence (caption). Simplification the language: "Use our cloud computer system" -> "Use our platform".


6. Sometimes a motivational text or a question can help for more interaction: "Tag someone who needs this chair!" And if you're not a native speaker, please check your description to avoid difficult sentences via: http: // www.hemingwayapp.com 

7. It is also important that tags or hashtags always come after the text, these are not relevant to your message. If you wondered: always use the hashtags in your description, and not in the comments. Hashtags provide an average of 12.6% more engagement and 57% more interactions (reaching non-followers).


Tips for hashtags:

- What do similar companies use?

- What do the influencers use?

- Share unique hashtags (#StudentDesign).

- Use a maximum of 12 hashtags.

- No gimmicks (#likevoorlike)


8. Always tag people who have contributed to a project, or people who might be interested in the post (or maybe even want to repost it!)

9. Sharing your location is not only fun for your current followers, but you also ensure 79% more interactions.

10. Emojis are, as it were, a small 'extra' image of color, which is an additional sign of attention. Don't use them too much, but sometimes it can trigger a lot!

11. The best time to post is generally between 11am and 2pm in the afternoon (lunch time). This ensures more than 25% more engagement! The best days to post are Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

12. 40% of Instagram users view stories on a daily basis, so it's definitely worth sharing a story from time to time! Try to incorporate an action in your story; location, swipe-ups or live stream. Format: 1080 x 1920 pixels.

13. Think about your branding for your feed. You can decide to post just everything that you want, but maybe you want add some stunning visual aspects too. To engage the best with your followers, you've to think about one type of content (so don't mix your design with your personal life (or at least don't do it too much)).

14. Last but not least, think about collaborations with other Instagram pages. In our experience it's difficult to get in touch with the 'big' pages with over a million followers, but the 'smaller' ones are really eager to collaborate if you have a great project to share: try the Instagram pages with 20k-200k followers. And send a lot of them your work, just try it. Over and over.