StudentDesign  21 October, 2018

A collection of inspiring projects


'Two years ago the online platform StudentDesign was founded. As second year Product Design students at the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences, we noticed that each semester we developed a new project. Yet the assignments always stayed fictitious, and it remained as an assignment for school.

After each period of hard work we were rewarded with a grade by the teachers and then continued with a new, next project. We regretted that those projects slowly fell into oblivion, because we always went on with a new one. There was no time to elaborate on that idea, because a new deadline was always awaiting.

Yet we often saw great projects being designed in our class, let alone worldwide. Those designs deserved a platform. That’s why we started sharing projects on our platform on Instagram two years ago. First we shared work from classmates, but soon we got more and more international applications. We now have a community of more than 60,000 young designers from all over the world.


To celebrate our two year existence, we have made a small reproduction of projects that we shared on our platform, a book called “Pupil”.

The young designers share their view of the future and provide insight into their world and innovative new ideas. The book focuses on students and young graduates from all over the world; from Japan to Mexico and everywhere in between. Pupil is the representation of the different disciplines and visions of these future designers.'

Interested in the book? Send us a mail to order.