We challenge you!

We challenge you to render ‘Couldy Plastic’ in Keyshot. Try to design an interesting visual of the Gameboy or another plastic object to present it in an appealing way. Play with anything: Color, Transparency, Cloudiness, etc.



StudentDesign will repost some of the renders on the 21th of December. Be sure to post your render on your Instagram feed or story before the 20th of December and tag @student.design


How do you create cloudy plastic? 

Keyshot offers different options to create translucent materials. It’s useful to get some basic knowledge of the material settings in Keyshot to start this challenge. Follow the steps in our Instagram post or try to figure it out yourself!


See all the 'Render Tips' by Marlon Steinhage here.

Png game.png


by Marlon Steinhage