We challenge you!

We challenge you to render ‘Eames Rocking Chair’ in Keyshot. Try to design an interesting visual of the chair to present it in an appealing way. Play with anything: The angle, depth, compositions, background, colours, presentation blocks, etc.



StudentDesign will repost some of the renders on the 26th of October. Be sure to post your render on your Instagram feed or story before the 25th of October and tag @student.design


What’s the right angle & field of depth?

The camera tab on Keyshot offers different options, most of which are taken directly from the world of photography. It’s useful to get some basic knowledge of the camera settings:


1. Focal length 

2. Grids & composition

3. Depth of field

See all the 'Render Tips' by Matteo Ercole here.

'Eames Rocking Chair’

by Vitra